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Designgency has always believed in entrepreneurs and encourages them to work on innovation idea. Movers C’ is exactly the type of ideas we support. We got an opportunity to work on an idea that was unique and was addressing a problem that we all once suffered. Say bye to the conventional method of delivery services. Movers C’ brings you a platform which allows users to get the good delivers most fashionably. Now get your goods delivered to anywhere anytime using Movers C’ app.

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24/7 operational

The app is designed to handle traffic 24 hours, seven days a week. This means that you can get your goods delivered anywhere, anytime, even on weekends.


Gone are the days when the customers had to go to the vendor to ship their goods. Now sit back and use Movers C’, drop the location where you want to dispatch the package, and a rider will pick it from your doorstep!

Easy to use

The idea was to build an app that can be used by all kinds of people, regardless of their age. That is why the app follows a simple interface throughout that makes it easy for everyone to use.

  • Bringing opportunities to both

    While offering solutions to necessities, the app is also targeted to offer work opportunities to individuals. Get yourself registered on Movers C’ and you can work as a rider as well.

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    You can also trace our rider in real-time. The application has maps incorporated in the interface. So, every time you book a rider, the live location appears on your smartphone for easy tracking.

  • Safety and Security

    With keeping safety and security, our top priority in mind, Designgency has designed the app to be safe for users. The app has a live tracking system for all the users and profile building with all the legitimate information, so there’s no room left for any threat.

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The Designgency company manifested the high level of professionalism when dealing with the scope ofwork they were hired to do.


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