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Android apps undoubtedly has the most extensive user base and your business and brand can reap in some real advantages and revenues with an android based app.

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    Design excellence can’t really be achieved without working side by side with extraordinary clients from around the world.


    The demand for iPhone devices is growing on a global scale as this is judged to be the device for the elite.

    • Secure and Reliable

      iOS is the most secure platform in terms of mobile app development. It gives users a strong protection of security against some viruses and malware so it is the perfect choice for app development.

    • Better User Experience

      iOS is known to provide the best user experience in the world to its mobile users. The stringent guidelines of an app store are one different way that pushes app developers.

    • Tech-savvy Audience

      iOS has been the first choice for small to enterprise business owners or entrepreneurs and tech-savvy audience.


    Android gives you everything that you need in terms of application development. It automatically enhances your UI on different mobile devices.

    • Open Source

      Android is an open source platform which allows developers to develops apps very easily.

    • Large User Base

      This allows you to reach out to a higher section of the android users and improve your market perception.

    • Customizable User Interface

      Apps developed on Android platform are highly customizable and simple to manage. Even the data management and multimedia tools can be simply updated.


    As the most popular category of app, games have the potential to reach an incredible number of users.

    • Unity Game Development

      For rapid and reliable game development, Unity is often the engine of choice for mobile game companies.

    • 2D & 3D Game Development

      Millions of users of Android and iOS have prompted developers to reinvent 2D and 3D games.

    • AR/VR Game Development

      Augmented reality is an innovative bait for picky gamers adding extra interactivity to your app.


    It is a dual mixture of digital and the real world that gives inception to the new world.

    • Gesture and motion

      As close to magic as it gets. Users interact simply by moving their bodies and hands.

    • Dynamic visual surfaces

      Unique projection-mapped sculptures and larger-than-life video walls create the foundation for a better-than-real-life experience.

    • Activated spaces and places

      Immersion rooms, innovation labs, and brand environments–designed to holistically deliver a deeper look into the Brand Story. An architected space for messages to come alive.

  • Uncovering the “Next-Big-Thing” Mobile App for You! We develops enterprise-grade software platforms for businesses.

    Our team of experts have mastered the art of enabling a brand to have a solid long term, long lasting online presence by offering the best, up to date iOS, Android and wearable apps design and development services in the industry.

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    Expert code is critical — but you can’t build just it and forget it. Designgency keeps you moving and improving with digital innovation. Let’s Discover and Envision what’s next.


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    The Designgency company manifested the high level of professionalism when dealing with the scope ofwork they were hired to do.


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